Aiming For Your Perfect Face in Aesthetics 

No need to have pain – Our newly produced local anesthetic gel has proven to be superb

  • Advanced Medical and Master Aesthetic Treatments with Botulinum Toxin
  • Exclusive Treatments with Hyaluron Acid in Mastering The Perfect Face
  • Facial Tightening with Dermapen giving the Ultimate Result changing Aged & hanging Facial Expression
  • PRP ´s Renowned Effect in Cosmetic and Medical Treatments are without Comparison Top of the Art in Aesthetic Treatments


– Central Forehead
– Temporal Region
– Periorbital zone & Eyebrow
– Tear Trough
– Cheek & Zygomatic arch
– Nose
– Nasolabial area
– Lips & Perioral zone
– Chin & Jawline
– Neck & Décolleté

  • Please call for price list.